Expert Witness: Wrongful Death

Three Beech 1900 aircraft crash mysteriously. Josey Cantwell, aviation consultant and expert witness, and her partner, Brad Smith, former army aviator and CIA operative, are called in to help investigate the accidents.

While reviewing the logbooks of an employee who died in a Cessna 172 on his way back to work, Josey stumbles into a shocking conspiracy between the vice president of Viscount Air and an entrepreneur in San Salvador.

The action never stops when word gets out that Josey might have discovered incriminating evidence that will blow the conspiracy wide open.

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Voice arts award nominee for best mystery audiobook for 2020.


Judge, 5th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published eBook Awards – December 2018

Judge’s Commentary:

 In Expert Witness: Wrongful Death, a mystery / thriller novel written by Judy Tarver, we are presented with a fast-paced thrill ride that deftly manages back-room politics as well as old-fashioned action. The title for the novel seems to this reader to be direct and compelling, providing a suggestive entry point to the work that establishes keen alignment with the genre and strong expectations. The dialogue here is particularly solid, sounding realistic and still readable, aiding the characterization and adding layers of nuance to the proceedings. An ear for dialogue is a wonderful thing in a writer and, throughout, scenes come alive and motivation seems earned as a result of believable dialogue. The characters here are fully realized, vivid and alive, directing the action with trackable motivation which the reader can believe. And, the hallmark of well-drawn characters, they often do surprising things making them very human, which can be rare. The overall design of the book is professional. It features an interior layout that is crisp and clean with text design on each page that is readable and presented soundly.

Robert Florio – Editor, Director, Producer:

Judy Tarver uses her extensive aviation experience to create a backdrop for a fast-paced thriller with compelling, realistic, and fun characters. It leaves you wanting more.