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Interview Preparation Package - $450.00 Includes:

 There are 6 key elements to the package:

1. Tarver Tactics – 18 page document covering topics such as:

  • Preparation for career/interview
  • Record keeping
  • Rules to live by for a flying career
  • Application Processes
  • Interview Processes
    • Behaviors
    • Appearance
    • Types of interview
  • How to structure your answers
  • What the airlines are targeting
  • Sample interview questions

2. Skills Audio This one-hour audio will teach you:

  • How to behave
  • How to format your stories
  • How to incorporate the targeted areas into your stories
  • How to be yourself.

3. One-on-One practice Interview Session – up to 4 hours

  • Incorporate the skills as you practice either generic questions or questions specific to your targeted airline. We will make sure you are prepared and conduct follow-ups if necessary
    • If for some reason you are not hired, we will do a complimentary brush-up for another airline interview.
    • Additional airline specific brush-ups will be at a rate of $100 per airline.
  • We make sure the airline recruiters are getting to know you – not us or anyone else

4. Up to two (2) hours of consulting other than practice sessions.

  • Will cover special needs and general questions

5. Resume Review

  • Feedback to help you be sure your resume is airline standard
    • We provide a resume development service for a fee.


    • Note: Because of the comprehensive nature of the documents we provide, we do not offer refunds once we send you the information.

Panel Interview Concept Add-on - $150.00

You must be signed up for the basic interview preparation service to use this add-on.

Up until now, the standard in the industry was mock interview prep, where targeted potential interview questions are asked and practiced with a coach. Each question is debriefed, and constructive feedback is provided.

  • We take the interview prep to the next level. We provide the option for realistic panel interview practice, just like the format you will experience in your formal interview for a major airline.
  • The Panel Interview concept allows you the opportunity to experience the pace of questions, follow-up questions and probing questions in a panel of two interviewers. Debrief and feedback is provided, but only at the end, further increasing the level of realism.
  • Our team of coaches are trained to provide a panel interview which simulates the actual set up and types of questions for the specific airline you are targeting.
  • Our lead pilot interviewer worked as a pilot interviewer for a major airline during the last two hiring cycles, and his unique perspective will further enhance your interview preparation.
  • Our combination of mock interview prep and panel interview training provide the best possible preparation in the industry and maximizes your chances of getting hired.
  • An additional benefit of our Panel Interview Concept is the peace of mind and relaxed feeling that comes from having trained to the actual format you will experience in your formal interview.


Individual Services

Resume Development – $299.00

  • Prepare industry standard one-page resume that will effectively sell your qualifications and be easy to follow in your interview.

Individual Counseling – $100.00/hour (minimum 30 minutes)

  • To be discussed on individual basis.