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Pilot Counseling Services Acquired by Spitfire Elite: A Transition of Trust and Expertise in the Aviation Industry

In a significant milestone for the aviation industry, Pilot Counseling Services (PCS), a trusted name in pilot career counseling, has been acquired by Spitfire Elite, a leading provider of aviation career development solutions. This strategic acquisition marks the sunsetting of industry influencer Judy Tarver’s illustrious career and the seamless transfer of trust and leadership to Spitfire Elite.

With this acquisition, Spitfire Elite will carry forward the legacy of Pilot Counseling Services, ensuring aspiring pilot candidates continue to receive the best guidance and support as they pursue their dreams in aviation. In the immediate term, Judy Tarver and her team will continue to support pilots under the Spitfire banner, even incorporating the company’s Tarver Tactics into the Spitfire curriculum, blending Tarver’s deep industry experience and Spitfire’s industry-leading pilot hiring support.

Established in 1997, Pilot Counseling Services (PCS) has been a beacon of guidance for aspiring pilots worldwide. Founder Judy Tarver has been instrumental in shaping the careers of over 14,000 pilot candidates during her tenure and has played a pivotal role in providing expert advice, mentorship, and support to aviation enthusiasts for over two decades.

Tarver, the driving force behind PCS, expressed her confidence in this transition, saying, “It has been an incredible journey guiding aspiring pilots towards success. Although I look forward to continuing to support applicants, I’m thrilled to pass the baton to Spitfire Elite, knowing that they will uphold the same standards of excellence and dedication that PCS is known for.”

A relative newcomer, Spitfire Elite has made a noticeable impression on the aviation industry in just a few short years, offering comprehensive pilot career development solutions. The company’s commitment to excellence and unwavering dedication to helping aspiring pilots excel in their careers have made it a trusted name in the aviation industry.

Bill Sims, Co-Owner of Spitfire Elite, shared his enthusiasm for the acquisition: “We are honored to be entrusted with the legacy of Pilot Counseling Services. Judy Tarver’s contributions to the aviation industry are unparalleled, and we are committed to continuing her mission of helping pilot candidates achieve their dream jobs.”

American Airlines’ Director of Pilot Hiring, Cory Glenn, shares his thoughts on the acquisition noting, “For the last five decades, Judy has been heralded for hiring and preparing the most professional pilots in the industry. Her mark in aviation is undeniable. I know Tron, Bill, and the Spitfire team will showcase her legacy and take it to the next level. I look forward to witnessing the professionals developed by Spitfire and collaborating to preserve and exponentially increase the safety and positive culture of pilots in the industry.”

With pilot hiring continuing its upward slope, Spitfire is poised to support both industry newcomers and pilots who are looking to transition into their career airline.

Tron Williams, CEO and Co-Owner of Spitfire Elite shared his outlook, saying, “This acquisition not only represents a strategic move for Spitfire, but it also expands our reach allowing us to serve in a more meaningful way. We are excited to blend the expertise of Judy Tarver, especially as we prepare applicants for success at American Airlines. We’re incorporating Judy’s Tarver Tactics with our comprehensive career development solutions to provide an even more robust support system for aspiring pilots.”

As Spitfire Elite takes the helm, they pledge to honor the trust built by Judy Tarver and Pilot Counseling Services while offering their hands-on approach as they continue to prepare pilot candidates for their dream jobs. This acquisition marks a momentous shift in the aviation industry, combining the strengths of two esteemed entities to shape the future of aviation career counseling.

For more information, please visit Pilot Counseling Services at https://pilotcounseling.com/ and Spitfire Elite

Press Contact:
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Candace Williams-Brown